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“My mission for mental health revolves around improving not only how people feel about themselves but how they actually see/view themselves, others, and experience the world.”

— Dr. Christina Whelan




Personality Disorders




Unresolved Grief/Anger




Lifestyle Adjustments




Health Psychology


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Specialized therapy for chronic pain management

Medication Management

Safely managing psychotropic medications.


1. Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are normal responses that can alert us to possible threats. When anxiety fails to dissipate, worry and fear can take over your life, making it difficult to function at work or in social settings.

You cannot outrun anxiety. If feelings of anxiety are preventing you from living the life you want, Resilient Psychotherapy & Psychiatry can help; we offer proven and effective treatment methods.

Therapy addresses the root of anxiety disorders rather than simply treating the symptoms with anxiety medication.

2. Depression

Depression is considered the common cold in mental health. Statistically speaking, a good portion of us will encounter a form of depression during the course of our life. Unfortunately, individuals normalize the symptoms despite the negative impact they can have on us and our performance. Psychotherapy can alleviate these symptoms and provide insulation for the future.

3. Grief & Loss

Whether loss comes quickly or expectedly, there is always an emotional toll. Loss and grief come from traumas such as illness, accidents, natural disasters, or societal violence. No matter the reason, you need healthy ways to cope with and process your feelings in a healthy way. Our therapy includes proven strategies to support you as you navigate your grief and learn how to heal from loss.

4. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Chronic Pain Management

The mind and the body are not separate entities. Deteriorating physical conditions coupled with pain can negatively impact our mental health and overall quality of life. Multiple controlled trials indicate cognitive behavioral therapy for chronic pain can increase individuals coping strategies which often translates to improved functioning. Specific peer-reviewed journal articles can be supplied as current research is eagerly discussed upon request.

5. LGBTQIA+ Individual Therapy

At Resilient Psychotherapy & Psychiatry, we welcome people from all cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities. Given the specific stressors that members of the LGBTQIA+population face, it is essential that you find support from someone experienced who understands how to help you develop into the person you want to become. We provide a safe and affirming space where you can heal and grow.

6. Medication Management

Medication management is a vital component of care for many people. If you need help managing your medications, we are here to help.